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Private Dance Lessons, Wedding Preparation, Showcases, and Competitions
Susan Timani

Private Dance Lessons


A Private Dance Lesson is for one person or a couple. It is one-on-one time with an instructor where you can learn the dances you choose at your own pace—slowly or quickly. This is the best place to ask specific questions about steps or technique so you can develop the look you want on the dance floor. It is usually recommended that a student takes at least one Private Dance Lesson per week. Of course, like any skill, the more you practice the better you’ll get in a shorter amount of time, so students are encouraged to come in as often as they can. Private lessons are scheduled by appointment only.

The current rate for one private dance lesson (45 minute session) is $95.

10 or more lessons are $90/session.

All lessons must be paid for at the time that you book them.

Cancellation/Refund Policy

We work by appointment, and it can be very difficult to rebook hours, so if you cancel a lesson with less than a 24 hours notice, you will be charged for that lesson unless it is an emergency.

We only offer refunds for special circumstances.

Rabih Timani

Wedding Preparation

Your first dance together as a married couple should be special. Whether you plan to keep it simple or spice it up a little, we can make it happen. Be sure to pick your song and plan to start your lessons several weeks prior to the wedding.  We usually suggest anywhere from 3-5 lessons depending on the dance you want to do and how long it might take you to learn it.  Whether you want to learn just a few steps, a short routine, or an entire choreographed dance to the song of your choice, we can help you make it fun and memorable.  We also do father/daughter and mother/son choreography.  Make your day one to remember!


Rabih Timani


A showcase is like a recital where a student dances a choreographed routine with another student, with their instructor, or with a group of couples in a formation.  These performances are strictly voluntary.  Students who set a goal to do a showcase get the chance to develop a greater understanding of the dance they choose and often surprise themselves with how much fun they have preparing for the performance.  Students have the opportunity to perform at our Winter and Summer shows. This is your chance to get dressed up and strut your stuff. There is a small entry fee to participate in the show, and a performance fee is applied whenever performing with an instructor.


Rabih Timani



A competition is the ultimate way to test your skills to see how well you can dance. You can compete with your own partner or with an instructor in small or large competitions at whatever level you’re at, even beginner.  There are a number of local competitions, big and small, which offer opportunities for students to participate at any level.  More time and dedication is needed to prepare routines in multiple dances, but it can be a great goal to set for yourself to see what you can achieve when you challenge yourself, and you can even have fun along the way!

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